Thursday, April 2, 2009


Cue the Jeopardy music.

Answer: Can I play you a song on my saw?

Question: What not to say to a girl who has just met you and is stuck in a car with you.

In my on-going efforts to find Mr. Right, I am bound to meet some Mr. Wrongs, I get that - but I never thought I would be slightly afraid for my life at an institute activity! Unfortunately such was the case last night. The institute had an activity this weekend where they created groups to meet somewhere for dinner. You get to meet new people in a smaller group setting - what could be wrong with that?

Apparently, lots.

What I didn't realize was that it was Prom, a Jazz Game, Young Women's conference, and the Ballet - all on the same night downtown, so I ended up parking about two blocks away from the restaurant. (Lesson learned #1 - take advantage of valet parking)

After dinner one of the guys from our group volunteered to walk me to my car, which I thought was incredibly thoughtful and nice, and I gratefully accepted. Then we decided since he was parked nearby he would just drive me over to my car. (Lesson learned #2 - don't get in the car with someone you just met - even if it was at an institute activity)

During our dinner conversation this guy had mentioned that he played the saw - but I thought he was joking. Imagine my surprise when he brought up the subject again as we were driving to my car! Only this time - it was to introduce me to his saw - which he had wrapped up in some kind-of case and was sitting between us on the front seat! Yes, he has named his saw. I was slightly freaked out and incredibly relieved to see the Ballet just getting out and lots of people and cops on the streets nearby. Especially when he made the following statement,

"She makes really pretty music when I stroke her"


Apparently not, because he proceeded to ask me if he could play something for me on it. (Lesson learned #3 - never accept a ride from someone who considers a sharp object a musical instrument)

I have never been so grateful to see my car, I jumped out of his car and jumped into mine and locked the doors - unfortunately said "sawyer" (apparently that is a real term) has my phone number because I was in charge of the group. Don't get me wrong - I am sure a playing the saw is a perfectly legitimate talent, but for me, I am not answering any calls from unknown numbers from now on!