Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Proposition 8

I agree with and support California's Proposition 8. To understand why, please read "Disagree but Don't Be Unkind" by Orson Scott Card.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Only in Utah

So, I have decided that stress of having spiritual responsibility for over 200 young single adults might have finally become too much. Yesterday our dear Bishop - who I love and support and sustain - introduced his newest program designed to get all of the members of his ward married off. I won't reveal the actual name of his new program here - since it includes the names of several of the "older" young single adult men in my ward that he is most worried about. For the purposes of this blog - I will name it - Boyfriend for a Week. Yes, that is right - our Bishop wants the sisters to "take pity on the mothers of these poor menaces to society" and sign up to be their girlfriend for a week - in the hopes that it will teach the men how to commit - for one week at a time. Also, I think, in the hopes that they can set some people up, that they think would be perfect for each other, and force them to spend more time together than the obligatory blind date. I haven't decided if I am going to volunteer for this service project yet. If it weren't happening to me, I might think this was the plot for The Singles Ward III.

This is my first actual "singles ward" experience - all of my other wards were "student wards", which are vastly different - so my question is, are other wards like this? Do you have similar "challenges" from your Bishop? What is the craziest scheme you have heard of to get all the poor "menaces to society" married off?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Is Opportunity Knocking?

I have been challenged to join the thousands of singles looking for love on the internet by numerous people, but I have always put them off. I have always seen the internet as a really bad way to meet people, and just another way to be rejected. It seems really scary to post a picture for all to see and judge if you are cute enough to talk to. Wouldn't it be better to be pen pals with someone - sight unseen and fall in love with who they are - like in Shop Around the Corner and In the Good Old Summertime? I know it is cheesy and romantic fantasy - I've already admitted I am a hopeless romantic.

I know it can work, I have had more than one friend find love online - I'm just not sure it is for me. Call me old fashioned, but I would love to meet someone without the means of technology.